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_we play [at] statens museum for kunst [smk] in mors mave, supported by komponent and Laekker lytter, on the 23 of november, form 16:00-20:00 , and ctrl_alt and kun.stOEj will dj at culture-box the 12 of december, ctrl_alt AKA. The All Core will also do a live breakcore set. playing also is flex/o and prinz ezo.

oh what a weekend!!! we played at republik.weimar on thursday, and made a suprise guest apperance at loppen,christiania as support for funkstörung on saturday.
it was really fun, the weimar gig, had a small but lovely crowd, and was probably the most fun gig we´ve ever had, the gig at loppen was also fun more people, but also a nice crowd, calling for more of the game boxen sound when we had finished, thx thx thx...!!
ctrl_alt did a video set on saturday as well, for trulz & robin at LAB copenhagen, these guys really ROCKS!! respect....!

[nb]_images and sound has been updated with pix and sound from weimar!!!!

we played a short live set at the breakcore evening at lab_slow noise core_no recordings though_it was fun all the artists rocked and people where dancing naked around on the floor_after closing though, but yeah, it was beautifull.

we will play at republik weimar the 20 of oktober, with vakuum and ctrl_alt´s old buddy dj trulz from [no] see trulz & robin for more info,
don´t miss this cuz it will rock!!

[nb]_images updated

we are gonna do a live set at the wasted breakcore party hosted by komponent together with jason forrest // cockrockdisco and pure // mego see more at wasted website also playing is vakuum and TBA.

public service was fun, sun was out the sky was blue and we played the dub, deep and dark, rgb style.

ground breaking news!!
a new memeber in the game boxen crew, DZL has now joined The RGB!!!

The Boxen will play at The Public Service festival, on august 21 at the now bigger than ever ambiunix sound system, come and hear game boxen max out the ambi system, vakuum will play the same day.

on friday the 17 of june, kun.stOEj will dj at the Lab and ctrl_alt will perform with his new solo projekt VAKUUM, together with Hinsidan and Wälchengarten.

so long, well we played at the cph distortion festival, at cafe riga in cph again, the venue was nice but the sound system was terrible so we had to go back to our place and get some speakers, and then we could play.... good evening though...

aaaargh, the stubnitz event was kool, we had a good time, no free umbrella drinks ;-(, but champagne, so it was ok i guess,
we will update the audio section when DZL comes home from sweden, with the set from stubnitz the / breakbeat / breakcore / noisecore session, images is updated, with pix from stubnitz
we play wednesday 04. may on the motorship stubnitz in CPH harbor together with flexfitte, The Ohoi Crew, MhM One, Nico de frost ....
and once again we have DZL to join us, we will do a evil breakcore/noise/drillnbass set

we did another radio show on DR Kulturnyt about the game boxen and gameboys listen here
the show at loppen was fun, good vibes and kool peeps. dzl rocked the house, with the game box possé. so we will do this set up again in the future, for sure.
images from the show in the gallery and songs from the show in audio, check it.....

we have confirmed the show at loppen we will play with mikkel metal and voks and ofcourse our mad manager christian aka. RC as dj.
dzl will join us for the last 30 min of the set, to do some more upbeat stuff.
looking forward to see you all there.
last but not least we would like to say thanx to our good good friend electrick pick for doing such a kick ass poster for us.

gallery has been redeveloped so everything should be peachy now, soon be updated with pictures and movies from club.transmediale

so lazy, so lazy we had a blast in Berlin at the clubtransmediale
we are currently working on bits and pieces on some new stuff..
we did an interview with DR P1 Hardisken Danish Radio about Gameboy music in danish only←here

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_live /at/ republik.weimar
wei_ uno live
wei_ två live
wei_ drei live
wei_ quattro live
wei_ five live
wei_ seks live

_live /at/ loppen
lop_ the great popcorn swindle live
lop_ krossa eliten live
lop_ nanofight live
lop_ alarm! live
lop_ we bite live
lop_ astro chock live feat. dzl

live /at/ club.transmediale set.
low_ that guy dates your sister live
high_ is it summer in rostock? live

one_ live /at/ cafe riga, cph live
two_ live /at/ roskilde festival, roskilde live
three_ live /at/ lille vega, cph live
four_ a12.a21.71.20.b15 komp01*

* komponent records←here

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↑_images  _arts&sience festival stockholm 2004

↑_images  _lab summer party 2004

↑_images  _roskilde festival july 2004

↑_images  _cafe riga copenhagen 2004

↑_images  _lille vega 2004

↑_images  _transmediale 2005

↑_images  _loppen cph 2005

↑_images  _stubnitz cph 2005// pix laurits_lab

↑_images  _public service_2005

↑_images  _tandfest_2005

↑_images  _breakcore_2005

↑_images  _republik.weimar_2005_pix_laurits_lab

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_video will be online soon*

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_The Renegades of the Game Boxen
Vesterbrogade 107b baghuset
1620 Copenhagen V

ph_0045 33253888
booking_ christian@107b.dk

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_press kit←here

_The Renegades of the Game Boxen is an 8-bit/noise/tech band, which consist of the trio kun.stOEJ, ctrl_alt and DZL  The Renegades of the Game Boxen is all about exploring the boundaries between noisy and techy, experimental electronic music. Armed with five Gameboys, a drum machine and a sampler, they make beautiful music. With their preferred Gameboy software Nanoloop, The Renegades of the Game Boxen ingeniously show how the sound of the Gameboys, combined with drum machine loops, can create music that is totally unique and never boring. The trio also like to perform with a visual expression as well , it being costumes, video, photo/dias, fire fountains or robots...

ctrl_alt is originally from Sweden and has also spent five years in Oslo, Norway. His current base since December 2000, is Copenhagen, Denmark. ctrl_alt has a university diploma in graphic design/multimedia design and has been working as a VJ all over Scandinavia for some years now, and he has been working with electronic music in various forms, for almost a decade.

kun.stOEj is originally from Austria, but made Copenhagen his home 8 years ago. kun.stOEj is an architect, carpenter, industriekaufmann, and has an design grade from Kolleg of Interiour Design/Imst and is curently a student of Computer Science and Art History at the University of Copenhagen. He has been working with electronic music for more than two decades now, and have organized endless projects involving electronic activity.

dzl______info soon.....

reviews on The Renegades of the Game Boxen
Geiger review in danish only←here
Moving hands Magazine←here

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future live_05
_23.11.05_statens museum for kunst_laekker lytter_cph
_12.12.05_culture box_kun.stOEj&ctrl_alt_dj set_cph

past live_05
_20.10.05_republik weimar_basement_cph
_10.09.05_tooth party_location_zahles skole
_21.08.05_public service festival_cph
_03.06.05_cafe riga_cph distortion
_04.05.05_stubnitz/w_lækker lytter_subotnick_CPH HARBOR
_12.02.05_Berlin_club transmediale_maria am ostbahnhof

past live_04
_04.09.04_Lab Summer Party
_02.07.04_Roskilde Festival
_24.06.04_Cafe Riga
_28.03.04_radar festival_lab_copenhagen
_27.03.04_radar festival_Neon Gallery_Brösarp_sweden
_19.02.04_Lille vega

live set up_
_3 Gameboy Classics // Running Nanoloop 1.2
_5 Gameboy Advanced // Running Nanoloop 2.0
_1 Yamaha MG-16/4 16 channel mixer
_1 Elektron Machinedrum
_3 Apple G4 Laptops // Max/Msp 4.5 // Live 4 //
_Homemade midi controllers


_Dev_kontroll.er_made in the eu 2004